Negotiating a raise is a win. But a nice consolation prize is negotiating routine feedback meetings with your superiors. Lisa Vaas explores the value of feedback at work:

My paycheck, unless it includes a bonus or a raise, just tells me I did the basic job, not how well,” says a former manager at Deloitte, who worked with financial auditors on regulatory security. “And [the paycheck] certainly does not tell me whether I have followed the desired path, because it is part of a basic bargain, not an incentive.”

The thing that she’s really after: Feedback, both positive and negative—especially from her manager. Or, as she puts it, “More pats on the back and nudges in the right direction.”

“There are a lot of aspects of my job that feel hard to me, especially in the area of team leadership, at which I am new,” she says. “I’m happy to have a challenge, as long as I get some indications about whether I’m improving, or some guidance about how to do better.

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