Marina Abramovic

Marina Abramovic

Performance artist Marina Abramović knows that routine can put you in a creative slump. Although it is an excellent method to develop your skills, if it gets stale, it can stall your growth and inspiration. In an interview with Louisiana Channel, Abramović dares her listeners to stray away from the familiar:

I had a really old professor, which I loved very much… He said to me: If you are drawing with your right hand and you are getting better and better – so with closed eyes you can draw whatever you like – immediately change to the left hand. And that was very important advice because when you become routine, that is end of everything.

How do you know you are straying enough from routine? Abramović says you have to be really afraid of your idea. This is how she selects the next idea that she is going to work on. She emphasizes that if you do the things you like, you never change. If you never change, there is nowhere to go because you are going the same thing over and over again. However, if you change your idea, you challenge yourself and grow as an artist.


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