Designed by Matt Brooks for the Noun Project

Designed by Matt Brooks for the Noun Project

Over his lengthy career in entertainment, Peter Guber, now CEO of Mandalay Entertainment and owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, has seen many changes in his industry, including emergent technologies like audio video cassettes. He’s been able to successfully ride the wave by following three principles, which he shares in a piece for LinkedIn:

Embrace constant and never-ending learning. Curiosity informs passion — an invaluable career and company attitude. A life of continuous learning allowed me to embrace willingly what I did not know….

Develop unconventional skill sets. I realized early on how important music was to film and television’s success….I didn’t know the music language. I didn’t know the people. I didn’t know the technology. But, I knew I had to know. I steeped myself in the process, took a big gamble, and merged my entire young movie company, Casablanca Filmworks, with a music company to create Casablanca Record and Filmworks, and then later, Polygram.

Create a broader set of relationships. I proactively developed an ever-widening circle of relationships outside of the film business to reframe both how I defined myself and how others perceived me in the broadest possible way….I had the epiphany that the business I was in, at its most expansive, was that of emotionally connecting artists with audiences….I wasn’t just in the movie or entertainment business, I was in the emotional transportation business.

At the end of the day, we have to be willing to step out of our comfort zones — whether it be our knowledge base, our skillset, or our network and see our careers as paths of continuous growth that expand outward and upward. 


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