Billboard designed by Nacho Ravelo for the Noun Project

Billboard designed by Nacho Ravelo for the Noun Project

Whether we’re pitching our ideas to colleagues or selling design services to clients, we’re all salespeople at some point during the work day. Some of us, however, are better than others. Writing for Entrepreneur, Jason Wesbecher identifies five traits of successful salespeople, with traits that we can all adapt. Here are a couple of key ones:

Reality distortion field: Exceptional salespeople don’t get flustered. They have a Zen-like ability to focus on the specific task at hand while exuding an aura of calm confidence…

Fiercely loyal: The best are intensely loyal to their customers and step in to solve problems. If things happen to go awry after the sale, the sales rep works on their behalf to fix the situation. This is the social contract that all great salespeople live by.

But honestly, the best salespeople aren’t afraid or ashamed of selling.  And perhaps that’s the real trait that many of us need to adopt in our own way.


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