Lego by jon trillana from The Noun Project

Lego by jon trillana from The Noun Project

In his story about accidental leadership, Drew Dudley quotes a man named Mustapha, who referred to each day at work as his “first day of work.” Mind you, Mustapha had been working in that very job for 18 years:

“I go to work every day like it’s my first day. On your first day of work you dress your best, you listen the hardest, you are nice to everyone that you work with. On your first day you work to impress your new bosses and your new coworkers, and you hope and believe it will be a job you love. But we let that all start to go away on our second day.”

Whether you’re an agency of one or a corporate giant like Microsoft, losing what CEO Marc Benioff calls “the beginner’s mind” can prove fatal. As you mature, you grow less open and spontaneous and you focus on protecting rather than innovating:

“Are you going to be that innovator again? The ones who are getting in trouble are the ones who lose that beginner’s mind…A beginner’s mind is one of the most difficult things to have…You need to have a beginner’s mind to create bold innovation.”


  • Mr Benn

    The first day at a new job is always a disaster in terms of productivity.You spend an hour meeting all your new colleagues and struggle to remember their names. You have to do a pile of paperwork with HR. You wait an hour and a half until someone form IT has your hardware set up, then you transfer all relevant files and install the software you want, and struggle to work out what are the security restrictions unique to this company. Suddenly it’s 4.30 and you have to go home because you don’t yet have an office key and have to leave before the receptionist leaves.

    No way do I want to pretend every working day is like that.

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