Dog designed by Callum Taylor from the Noun Project

Dog designed by Callum Taylor from the Noun Project

When it comes to being productive, focus and nose-to-the-ground mentalities get a lot of praise. However, on the other end of the spectrum is the value of being distracted. At Fast Company, Stelphanie Vozza gives us three reasons you should embrace the occasional distraction, including:

Distractions foster creativity: Distractions foster creativity because they put a higher number of stimuli in your conscious awareness, allowing you the opportunity to generate more new ideas….

An important part of using distractions is to look at them in a non-judgmental way. When a distraction happens, let it give you a chance to pay attention to more of the things around you and see what kind of creative inspiration it gives you.

Distractions improve your mood: Through research, Carson found that when someone is distracted, their mood can move from depressed to normal and continue in an upward direction. “When your mood is down you notice fewer things,” she says.

It’s important to note that distractions provide the most value when we’re either creatively stuck or in-between projects. If you’ve got work to do (and know you do), distractions can certainly hinder your ability to get it done. Of course, if you’re starting to feel overwhelmed while you work, a little distraction could be all you need to not only get a mood boost, but to be inspired too.


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