Coffee by Maximilian Becker from The Noun Project

Coffee by Maximilian Becker from The Noun Project

Scientists agree: when it comes to maximizing alertness, coffee naps (drinking a cup of coffee and then taking a quick nap) are better than coffee or naps alone.

Joseph Stromberg shares how to use this method:

Taking a coffee nap is pretty straightforward. First, drink coffee…You need to drink it quickly, to give yourself a decently long window of time to sleep as it’s going through your gastrointestinal tract and entering your bloodstream. Right after you’re finished, immediately try to go to sleep. Finally, make sure to wake up within 20 minutes, so you don’t enter the deeper stages of sleep, and you’re awake when the caffeine is just starting to hit your brain.

From our own past experience and the throat-burns to prove it, this might be best done with cold brew or iced coffee.


  • Thiago Vieira

    I tried it three times, it was an impressive failure. I could not nap, I think the caffeine kicks faster than I can fall asleep.

    • Kyle Nesgood

      Practice makes perfect 😉

    • Karim

      Practice sleeping faster before trying that then 😉

    • Nutrigenomics101

      Actually your genetics play an important role here. We all have genes that determines if we process caffeine really fast or very slow. So if yours kicked in faster you probably have the fast version of the CYP1A2 gene.

  • Etienne

    Actually, they don’t mean deep losing-awareness type of sleep necessarily. You can regain A LOT of energy and focus by simply closing your eyes, resting, and make sure you’re calm and quiet for 20min. I do it often, especially when I have big deadlines; often as I nap, I rest while carrying on the deep thinking involved in the deadline at hand; e.g. I mentally carrying on writing that big report, and even find I write better this way. I have also put this to practice in polyphasic sleep schemes, where I end sleeping 3h a night for a couple of days.


    Interesting idea, but I think I’ll pass.

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