Tom Hanks: app developer.

Tom Hanks: app developer.

As we do every Friday, we’ve collected our best stuff from the past week for your weekend reading pleasure. 

From around the web

Tom Hanks just released a typewriter app for the iPad. Behold, Hanx Writer.

The best job rejection letter you could ever hope for — one thatactually offers feedback and advice.

One man’s experiment to Like everything he saw on Facebook for two days. Spoiler: Things got weird.

On 99U 

Fred Seibert, the man responsible for Adventure TimePowerpuff Girls, and the MTV logo, on the benefit of making lots of little bets and why you should go haywire every now and then.

Real habit change comes from taking a candid look at your shortcomings. Or, as Epictetus once said: “Self-scrutiny applied with kindness.”

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