Workaround designed by gilbert bages from the Noun Project

Workaround designed by gilbert bages from the Noun Project

One of the biggest struggles we all face in our careers is finding motivation. This is particularly true if you work as a freelancer, but motivation is just as important in any career. Leo Babauta of Zen Habits gives us a few possible ways to overcome fear and find the motivation to do the work:

Think about who you’re helping. Sure, there’s a lot of fear involved in doing hard work. But when you look at the fear you’re only looking at the downside. What about the upside? By showing up and working, you’re going to help someone…Sometimes you’re just helping yourself, building a new career or business. And that’s OK — you’re a person deserving of that help, and that’s a worthy endeavor.

Ruthlessly carve out the space. You’re too busy? Bullshit. Make the time if it’s important. Stop watching TV, reading news, browsing things online, looking at social media, saying yes to other people’s requests, going to lunches, get out of being the head of those committees, whatever. Carve out the time. Put it on your calendar daily and make it happen. Make that time sacred…

Babauta explains that we all have problems with motivation: fear of failure, or fear of getting fired, laziness and procrastination, and so on. It’s by looking at who you’re helping by doing the work — in addition to showing up regularly, starting with the smallest step first, etc. — that we can find our motivation and do our best work.

Of course it’s not easy (that’s why it’s called “work”), but finding our motivation to do it is essential to doing the work we want to do, getting the job we want, and accomplishing more with our time.


  • LoLa

    I love Leo Babauta, I’ve read his blog for years. 🙂

  • Navid Sakhai

    Short and simple, I really needed something like this. thank you.

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