Over on It’s Nice That, Liv Siddall sat down with famed designer Shaz Madani to gather her insights on what every young designer should know about building a quality portfolio. One notable takeaway from Madani? Knowing what to hide:

It’s so important to be selective and have the ability to edit your portfolio. Often seeing one bad project can outdo all the good work.

It’s tempting to put in everything you’ve ever done, especially as a young graduate, when you just want to show as much experience as possible. But it’s not about quantity. If there is something you are not proud of, don’t put it in.

As creative workers, we tend to believe that the more work we show in our resume or portfolio, the more we demonstrate our broad capabilities. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. As Madani explains, all it takes is one bad apple to ruin the whole bundle.

Madani goes on to share additional insights from her years of experience as a designer, including the importance of exploring your possibilities before settling on a job or role.


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  • http://www.thankyoubro.com/ Chad Haynes

    Absolutely vital for people to understand! What’s more appealing – 200 fresh strawberries and 20 rotten ones in a basket, or 10 perfect strawberries in a pair of hands?

  • http://www.clearexplainer.com/right-script-for-animated-video-production/ John

    Fully agree with you that 1 bad work can ruin all portfolio.

  • Valentin Drown

    I use Pathbrite.com/everyone for my portoflio. It’s super simple and quick to update, everything is drag and drop, its its really easy to make it looks good. And its totally free.

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