Teacher designed by Max Hancock from the Noun Project

Teacher designed by Max Hancock from the Noun Project

At Quora, Matt Wyndowe shares 21 of the best career lessons he learned while attending Stanford’s business school. The lessons come from the minds of Andy Rachleff, Eric Schmidt, Mark Leslie, Irv Grousbeck, Joel Peterson, and others. Among the lessons Wyndowe shares:

Pareto principle: Always look for the 80/20. 80 percent of the value is delivered by 20 percent of the product/service. Focus on that 20 percent.

People who are lucky make their own luck. And you only make your own luck by staying in the game.

Practice self-discipline. Set targets, have timetables, have clear unambiguous goals. Life passes quickly – days, weeks, months, years, a lifetime. “Regret for the things we did, can be tempered by time. It is regret for the things that we did not do that is inconsolable.”

While some of the lessons Wyndowe gives us are undoubtedly timeless (and widely, regularly shared), some are definitely great reminders of what matters most for us in our creative careers. Wyndowe reminds us of this fact with the final tidbit of advice at the end of his post, from Joel Peterson:

Appreciate the people you work with…celebrate successes along the way, communicate lavishly – good news and bad news, tell the truth, don’t try to maximize everything, and stop to smell the roses. Life is pretty short and most of what really matters doesn’t happen at the office.


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