Instead of just going through the motions on your next project, look for the hidden opportunities you already have. On The Creative Influence, graphic designer Michael Bierut challenges us to look for opportunities in even the most dull assignments. He speaks about his mentor, designer Massimo Vignelli, when he was asked to sort through the chaos of the New York subway signage during the 1960s. He remembers thinking:

Does that sound like an exciting job to you? I wanted to design record covers for rock bands and this is signs for the subway, what the heck? But Massimo understood that every assignment like that had within it the opportunity to do something of consequence. So imagine that, for many people when you sort of say, “what is New York to you?” Sometimes what they picture is standing on a subway platform under a sign that says ‘Uptown 456.’

As Bierut learned, “every single opportunity has the potential to be something that might have some impact on peoples’ daily lives for years to come.”


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  • Karnatarka

    A great way to look at your future projects! You never know what it might lead to

  • Monna Morton

    So well put. I remember when I was doing my fair share and what seemed like everyone’s share of flyers. One day I decided if I had to do a flyer then it was going to be one hell of a flyer! Taking what I sas as lemons and making lemonade, because as you said who knows what it will grow up to be.

  • Mario De Armas

    Thank you @stephkaptein love the article!

  • Felipe

    wonderful article! congrats.

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