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Over at The Guardian, writer Oliver Burkeman discusses how accomplished creatives learned to work their passions around their full-time jobs and even embraced their attributes. Often we believe that only a lifestyle dedicated to our craft will bring success, but all you need is the dedication to work anywhere and at any given time.

Limited time focuses the mind, and the self-discipline required to show up for a job seeps back into the processes of art. “I find that having a job is one of the best things in the world that could happen to me,” wrote Wallace Stevens, an insurance executive and poet. “It introduces discipline and regularity into one’s life.”

In Burkeman’s review of Mason Currey’s book Daily Rituals, we learn that poet William Carlos Williams wrote on the back of prescription pads at this paediatrician job and author Jane Austen wrote on small scraps of paper that could be hidden away because she was continuously interrupted while working in their family sitting-room. But as writer Gertrude Stein confirms, the time adds up even “if you write a half-hour a day, it makes a lot of writing year by year.”


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  • Pia

    “if you write a half-hour a day, it makes a lot of writing year by year.”
    so true. I’ve found I’ve been able to get a lot of things done in odd times such as commutes or waiting for appointments etc.

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