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Professional matchmaker and author Paul Brunson has worked for both Oprah Winfrey and Enver Yucel: Two succesful entrepreneurs from completely different backgrounds. Despite his years of “formal” education Brunson says that he learned the most observing his two friends. Mainly:

The Power of Leverage

From afar, a billionaire appears to be someone who is a master at everything. But, in truth, they’re specialists in one or a few areas and average or subpart at everything else. So how do they get so much done? Leverage! They do what they do best and get others to do the rest. 

Focus on Experiences

I recall one time at dinner with Oprah, I spotted a table of about 20 girls off to the side. I later found out that Ms. Winfrey was treating some of her graduating girls from her school in South Africa to dinner in NYC. Experiences create memories, and memories are priceless.

Invest in Yourself

I saw them both spend a significant amount of time dedicating their resources to self-development (whether it be a new language, exercise, social media classes, etc). The moment you stop investing in yourself is the moment you have written off future dividends in life.


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