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One off writing jobs are nice, but some of the more sustainable money comes from working with larger clients with steady work to offer. Last month, freelance marketplace Contently held its annual content summit, where the best of the best in brand publishing gathered to share ideas and tips for freelance writers looking to pick up more work from corporate editorial platforms. Lucky for us, they found time to discuss top qualities that make freelancers stand out giving us a look into the mindset of clients:


I have to see what they actually write and also how fast they write. What we’re looking for is people that are able to turn really great content really efficiently.”

          – Laura Mignott, Co-Founder/Managing Patner, Digital Flash


The most critical thing is that all of our freelance writers do the research, so they have to discover really interesting stories. They have to have a knack for discoverability.”

Tarek Pertew, Co-Founder, Wakefield Media 


The most important thing is that the’ve read the site that they’re pitching to and they know what kind of stuff we writeWe get a lot of emails from people emails from people who say, ‘I’m a freelance writer who writes about X and I would like to write for your publication.’ Well, if you write finance, we’re not going to put it on a fashion site, so you’re just kind of shooting your foot with that. 

          – Meghan Graham, VP of Women’s Content, DEFY Media 


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