Innovation designed by Eric Bird from the Noun Project

Innovation designed by Eric Bird from the Noun Project

When new ideas present themselves left and right, it can hinder your ability to see any one of them all the way through to completion. So what do we do when there’s too many ideas bouncing around our heads? At Inc, Eric Holtzclaw shares insights from Technology Advice CEO Rob Bellenfant on how to not get distracted by having too many ideas:

Don’t Eliminate Idea Creation; Just Focus It

Rob communicated that all ideas should be centered on [your] core business. I used the same philosophy for my research company. To consider a project or idea, it had to center around talking to users to be a good fit. This rule helps [you] decide if an idea is a “good” idea to pursue.

Lesson: It is important to identify your greatest strength and build your services around that strength.

Act More, Think Less

Ideas are great, but they are worthless without execution. Rob told me that his favorite quote from Inc.’s GrowCo conference came from Morgan Newman: “Inaction leads to failure more often than wrong action.”

If you spend more time coming up with great ideas and thinking about ways to bring them to life, you’re spending less time actually executing on those ideas. Put great ideas related to your area of focus into action immediately, then analyze and adjust.

Make ideas a reality before you try to make them better.

Putting the rest of the ideas on the back burner using a notebook is a great way to keep yourself focused and see ideas through to completion, but also allows you to have a place to go when your current state of overflowing ideas begins to dry up.

Read the rest of the tips for controlling idea indecision over at Inc.

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