"Follow" Designed by Dean Oakley for the Noun Project

“Follow” Designed by Dean Oakley for the Noun Project

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Maybe you’re not an introvert. Maybe you’re really a covert narcissist.

You sent in your resumé and haven’t heard back. Step 1: follow up via email. Step 2: do not mention the resumé.

Are you reading this email with your cell phone within reach (or even on your cell phone)? Or maybe in front of the TV? That’s a lot of information to process. But we’ve got you covered.

Want your daughters to be CEOs and lawyers one day? Starting doing some dishes, Dad.

The four stages of creativity: prep, incubation, illumination, & verification.

Our 99u.com Editor’s Picks

Nancy Duarte has coached executives from Fortune 500 companies on how to make killer presentations. So you would probably be surprised to learn that she received a C- in Speech Communication class in college. In an interview with 99U, she tells us how “Failures in life can actually become your life’s work.”

At Nike, Ben Shaffer was the lead designer behind the Flynet, a brand new kind of shoe used in the Olympics and the World Cup. In this 99U talk, he shares how a big company like Nike allows for innovation by creating a safe space for failure

We all know the importance of organization and time management, but what if we go too far? When everything is planned, you leave less room for happenstance and uncertainty — and that is where success is born.



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