Graphic designer Steve Gordon Jr., along with writer Laurel Saville, share ways for staying creative in the book 100 Habits of Successful Freelance Designers. In lesson 88, Gordon conveys that taking a course directly related to your discipline isn’t always the best for inspiration:

But to really give your creativity a boost, go take a class in something that isn’t design related. Take a creative writing class – you’ll learn a lot about how to organize ideas and tell a story, skills that will help your present your work… How about drawing or painting? Pottery or knitting? Almost every town has a local arts center that offers several-week sessions of community classes in the evenings. Find yourself a creative outlet that has nothing to do with design and your designs – not to mention, your state of mind – will certainly improve.

It is important to stay connected to your field: however, diversification will provide an unique knowledge base for inspiration. Contributing author Derek Armstrong McNeill of Grill Creative agrees, “it all has an indirect beneficial effect on your design work and gives you a creative outlet that doesn’t have to be approved by anyone, which is very cathartic.”

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  • sarmistha tarafder

    Very true. Creativity is all about how you connect the dots.
    The story goes, one day George de Mestral took his dog for a walk in the woods. When he and Fido got back, Mestral noticed burrs all over his pants. The
    tricky little devils would not come off. “Chance favors the prepared
    mind,” and boy was Mestral prepared. Looking at the burrs under a
    microscope, he saw that they had tiny hooks that had attached
    themselves to the loops of thread in his pants. Rest is history.

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