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At Fast Company, Lisa Evans discusses how aligning your values with a mission statement can have powerful results:

Finding joy in your career and life means knowing what your passions are. If you have trouble coming up with your list of passions, think about the best experiences you’ve had, what you do when you’re procrastinating, or what you daydream about.


Think of something you’re particularly proud of–a stellar presentation you made, a major donor you secured for a fundraiser, or a party you organized that people are still talking about two years later. Next, examine the skill sets that made you successful in that instance. Creating a mission that aligns with your natural talents means success will likely come easier.

Your mission statement directly effects everything you do with your life, both personal and professional. It should operate  like a north star, allowing you to frame decisions based on your values instead of just your feelings. Start small by writing out your priorities and what you care about, then check to see if your actions are aligning with your beliefs.  You might be surprised by what you find, and where it takes you.


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  • Jambo

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