Buoy designed by Gendalf Green from the Noun Project

Buoy designed by Gendalf Green from the Noun Project

Finding the right person to help you with your project or career can make all the difference between spinning your wheels or a steadily improving success. On his blog, startup founder Nathan Kontny explains that the best way to find help is to first become that person yourself. Kontny writes:

Everyday I bump into someone struggling to find someone to help them with their project or career. They are business people looking for technical co-founders or people…looking for someone else to write about [them].

Now, from all these years in business, I realize that Matt Damon had it right. Instead of looking for some executive producer to give him a starring role, he was just going to become the executive producer.

[For example,] if you’re a “business guy” stuck because he can’t find a technical co-founder: go become the technical co-founder. Go to some classes, conferences, meetups. Read and use the same blogs and forums. Do what you think a technical co-founder would do. You’ll be surprised that the action of trying to accomplish this actually puts you into the company of a great deal of people who would make… really great technical co-founders.

When you act on the behaviors of the person you’d ideally work with, as Kontny explains, two major things happen. The first, Kontny explains, is you wind-up in the places where those people often hang out.

The second benefit to becoming the person you’re seeking out is that you learn what their job or task entails, allowing you to more effectively spot the specific actions and accolades that your ideal partner will have.

Whether you’re looking for a business partner, a new team member, or someone to help you get the word out about your work, the first step to finding the right person is to act as they would.


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