Collage work by Marie Wilson

In an interview with The People Project, writer and artist Marie Wilson describes how she allows inspiration to lead her creative process:

“I take the first idea or image or thought that comes to me and I write. I don’t stop to think about what I’m writing. I let it flow and then later I read it and see what’s interesting or what hangs together as a story. Then I do a lot of rewriting. A lot.”

Instead of trying to direct her work, she incorporates inspiration into her everyday life:

“Writing fits in everywhere in my day. If I’m not on the computer or jotting in my notebook then it’s happening in my head or through my senses. Everything I do and see and smell and hear and touch and feel is a potential story or scene or shot.”

Instead of interrupting the creative flow with your own personal judgments, allow yourself to be fully engaged in the process. Create when you are inspired and save the technicalities for later.

Read the rest of Wilson’s interview here.

  • Linda Adams

    This does depend on the writer though. I find that I HAVE to edit as I write. I’m an organic writer, and my orders don’t necessarily occur in order. I might get an idea for something, put it in the scene, and as I write the next scene, I realize that’s where it really is supposed to go. So I’m constantly moving back and forth between scenes, making adjustments as I create.

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