"Plant" Designed by Matt Brooks for the Noun Project

“Plant” Designed by Matt Brooks for the Noun Project

It’s not only the state of your own desk that can influence your creativity, it’s also the state of your office or workplace at large. Want to instantly reduce stress, raise concentration, and increase satisfaction for your whole staff? Create an indoor garden or add as much greenery as you can around the office. It’s an instant boost in office culture. From The Modern Ape:

Dr. Susan Barton, a professor at the University of Delaware, discusses the benefits of being near greenery in her “Human Benefits of Green Spaces.”

Dr. Barton’s report mentions a study that proves stressed individuals feel better after exposure to natural landscapes. On top of this, and most beneficial to the workplace, “Scientists assert that green spaces increase our ability to concentrate.” Apparently, voluntary attention—the focus required to ignore distractions and remain devoted to your job throughout the day—is relieved and allowed to recharge when we see nature around us.”

If morale is low you should of course be working to address the deeper, larger issues at hand, but it couldn’t hurt to start with some greenery in the meanwhile.

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