There’s seven days left to go in The Frey Desk Kickstarter, but this is one desk design we’re sure will be a huge hit. Entirely customizable, uou can use it as a drafting table, a desk, an easel, or a standing desk, along with movable shelving units as well. Most standing desks run you around $800, while the Frey Desk is half that or less. This may be the best answer to a sit-stand desk that we’ve seen yet.

 Check it out here:

Get your own here.

  • Sarah Peterson

    It’s a great idea! I’m not sure I’d be a fan of it for the sitting-to-standing desk issue, though, because wouldn’t you have to remove your entire computer get up (monitor, etc) before adjusting it? Small price to pay though, for something that’s much more cost-effective than the alternatives.

  • Chadwick

    Wow, awesome concept!

  • PivotDesk

    Absolutely love this desk!

  • Sarah Peterson

    Yep, that would work well for desk supplies, but if you’re using a big computer monitor or two and all the trappings (cords, keyboard, speakers, mouse, etc), it definitely would be less hassle to get an electric sitting-to-standing desk!

    • Sasha

      Good point!

  • Sara Krosch

    I backed this project and the creator took my money but never delivered the desk. I was supposed to receive it in September and still no desk or communication.

    • Sasha

      Oh no, that sucks! We have no affiliation with them, but I’m sure if you sent a message to Kickstarter they would be able to help you!

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