Designed by Sven Gabriel for the Noun Project

Designed by Sven Gabriel for the Noun Project

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“Personality alone isn’t enough.” The best cover letter Jesse Hertzberg, the COO of Squarespace, ever received.

Seriously, why is most business copywriting so bad?

Turns out there’s a way to mathematically optimize your chances of finding a romantic partner. Just another reason you should have paid attention in Math class.


You’re busy. So you tell yourself you don’t have a lot of time. This makes you go into stress-inducing reaction mode. Which puts off long-term tasks. Which makes you more busy. Well, I guess you can see where this is going

Artist Austin Kleon wrote his first book, Newspaper Blackout, in tiny increments on the bus on his way to work. He then wrote a best seller and has continued to build his career from the ground up with some clever uses of the internet. Jocelyn Glei asked him what everyone wants to know: how did he do it?

Photographer Jeff Sheng has dedicated his craft to highlighting issues affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans. In this 99U talk he shares how important (and difficult) it was to build trust amongst his subjects, and how the tide of social change affected his work’s visibility

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  • josef

    this books helps me out a lot for finding a job it show you the right way to write some kickass cover letter every bodey can chek it out

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