Door designed by Roman J. Sokolov from the Noun Project

Door designed by Roman J. Sokolov from the Noun Project

To open the doors for more opportunities in your career, IDEO co-founder Tim Brown recommends shaking up where you work or who you work with. In a recent post on LinkedIn, Brown explains:

Connect with people outside your major or discipline. I was so focused on being an industrial designer, I didn’t hang out with engineers or business students or artists or writers. I didn’t know what other opportunities were out there for burgeoning design thinkers. Thankfully, the Internet means today’s grads have more context and greater chances to collaborate with people from different backgrounds. Seize every opportunity.

Make time to travel. I went straight from undergrad to grad school. I wish I had had the confidence to take a year off and explore the world, to add some life experience to my academics. It was only after I graduated that I started to travel. It might be a cliché, but getting out of your own culture makes you more mindful and observant. You question everything you once took for granted. When my own children are trying to figure out what’s meaningful to them, what direction to take their lives next, I tell them to take out their passports. It’s time to book a trip.

The more you are able to look outside of your fixed focus on how things are or how you think they should be, the more likely you are to encounter new ideas and opportunities.

Working in the same environment, in the same context, and with the same people, can help you to perfect your craft, but they don’t do anything to energize your creativity and open the doors to new possibilities. Brown recommends hanging out with people outside of your immediate field of interest, seeking out positive cultures, and making time to travel as means for shaking what you think you know or finding a way to try something new.

Of course, if you can’t find the time or energy to do all of that, you can at least look to the internet to see what people are doing or talking about in other fields and parts of the world.

Read Brown’s full write-up on lessons he’s learned over his 27 year-long career right here.

  • Jovana Miljanovic

    Exactly what I wrote about on my blog…studying abroad changed my perspective on life…

  • Akshay

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful thoughts… 🙂

  • Jim Barrett

    There are a couple of sayings I like to use in these kinds of situations “Fake it till you make it” or “Act as if”.

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