9781452115313In the book Design School Wisdom, editors Brooke Johnson and Jennifer Tolo Pierce have curated a collection of lessons for work and life. Through essays, interviews and quotes, we can share in the advice of prominent design instructors across the country:

“Think it’s all been done before? No one has done this in your unique voice, at this time, in this context. Be authentic and do it anyway.” – Jessica Barness, School of Visual Communications Design, Kent State University

“Your long-term success in design will come from three things: perseverance; commitment; and patience, particularly with yourself.” – Hank Richardson, Portfolio Center

“Method is more important than style. Style lives fast and dies young.” – Brad Bartlett, Art Center College of Design

“Be a fearless designer. It’s the client’s job to have fear.” – Maranatha Wilson, Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Creative education never truly ends. We must remember to keep our minds open to new experiences and always be ready to learn. One day we will be asked to share our wisdom. What advice will you give?

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