Mortar Board designed by Ryan Beck from the Noun Project

Mortar Board designed by Ryan Beck from the Noun Project

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One commencement speech isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? 300 commencement speeches

At Twitter they’re doing whatever everyone else is only thinking of doing. The company sometimes collects everyone’s phones before having a meeting.

“Everyone’s writing is shit and it’s incurable. All you can do is manage it.” Get over being bad and just do it.


On average, we switch jobs every four and a half years. So how do we build a career when there is no “traditional” path? That’s just what we asked kickass artist James Victore and designer Ben Barry.

Speaking of careers, we ask a tough question: Is it a waste of your time to plan your career more than a year or two ahead of time?

Insights from Seth Godin, Jason Fried, Swissmiss, Susan Gregg Koger, Oliver Burkeman and many moreOur complete 2014 99U Conference recaps.

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  • Craig

    Should it not be Speeches?

    • Uhmorphous

      Yes, it should be.

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