Card designed by Stephen JB Thomas from the Noun Project

Card designed by Stephen JB Thomas from the Noun Project

As we do every Friday, we’ve collected our best stuff from the past week for your weekend reading pleasure.

What we’re reading:

Our roles and responsibilities change quickly. So why do we order thousands of business cards with a title inked on each one? Introducing a solution: the fill-in-the-blank business card.

Sometimes the best way to complete a project is to stop doing it.

Thing that’s awesome: career advice. Thing that’s super awesome: career advice in graph form.

Want music to work to that keeps you going but isn’t distracting? Video game soundtracks were made for this.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a morning person or a night owl, you’re at your mental best between 9 a.m. and noon.


Garrett Camp founded StumbleUpon, Uber, and now he’s working on his next big thing. So how did he hit two home runs, and what’s his advice for budding entrepreneurs? Well, that’s just what we asked him.

Didn’t make it to the 99U Conference? Today’s your lucky day. Continuing our recap series with insights from Jason Fried, Swissmiss, and more, we present Recap 4: Entrepreneurship + Recap 5: Design.

And a special bonus: speaker Shantanu Starick doesn’t accept money for work. Instead he barters. And in exchange for speaking at the conference he agreed to photograph his journey from Turkey to New York. This is what happened.

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