A still from the HBO show Silicon Valley.

A still from the HBO show Silicon Valley.

Starting your own thing is hard work. Over on the The Fizzle blog, Entrepreneur and video creator Richard Boehmcke has some lessons learned from his first year in business to help you succeed:

 It Costs More to Be An Entrepreneur

Remember, you should aim to make considerably more than whatever your monthly expenses are going to be. For me that number was double my monthly expenses. It might be less (or more) for you. But this should be something you give a lot of thought to. You’re also going to be paying out of pocket a lot more for things you didn’t consider.

 Clients Who Haggle Over Price Will Be a Problem

If at all possible, say no to unfairly discounted rates. Set a floor for yourself and then price yourself quite a bit above that so even if you have to discount, you aren’t really taking a loss. But you probably shouldn’t even take those clients because they still are trying to get something for nothing. Once you start doing crappy projects, it’s hard to break out of that cycle.

You can read the rest of Rich’s advice on how to survive your first year in business, here.

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    Clients that haggle over price will haggle over everything else

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    @cre8tivmar:disqus well said!

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