Calendar designed by Marc Anderson from the Noun Project

Calendar designed by Marc Anderson from the Noun Project

While it can sound counterintuitive, a regular, weekly review is an effective way to free-up time and get more work done during your week. As designer Bradley Glicksman explains on his blog, a weekly review helps by clarifying your objectives and makes it easier to identify when tasks can be productively squeezed into the upcoming week. Glicksman writes:

The review is a low energy task that doesn’t require too much focus and concentration.

The reviews reminded me of the importance of the big picture. It showed me how important it is to understand context when deciding what tasks were more important and which I should work on at any given moment.

Whatever system you use I urge you to add a review. It might not seem important, but it shows you the context within which you work. Your system should also provide a way to add constraints to tasks so when you’re looking for something to do you can match the constraints on the tasks with the constants you find yourself under at the moment.

The few minutes it takes to go over your week — and plan for the next — can add enough context to your tasks that prioritizing and executing them becomes easier. Even if your review serves solely as a way to look over what you accomplished that week, taking the few minutes to reflect can free-up the mental energy you need to start the next week off ahead.

Read Glicksman’s full story on how he came to discover the power of the weekly review right here.

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  • Chadwick

    Yes, I use weekly reviews for some time and I find the very valuable for me

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