Most conventional career advice tells you that overcoming fear is a crucial part of success. But what if we have it all wrong? Cal Newport writes on why we need to rethink courage and its relationship to career success

Consider for example, the founding of Apple Computer. Steve Jobs took the plunge into starting the company because Paul Terrell placed a six-digit order for Wozniak’s remarkable Apple 1. When someone offers you hundreds of thousands of dollars for a product you designed in your spare time, you don’t need courage to start a company, you need, instead, the will to bust your ass which is exactly what Jobs did).

It’s possible, in other words, that your parents are discouraging you from quitting your job to start a blog business because it’s a bad idea- not because they’re myopic and meek.

Remarkable careers require that you become remarkably good. This takes time. But not necessarily a string of defiant rejections of some mysterious status quo.

Pursuing mastery can take you from being average to being great. But to do that, you can’t just focus on being brave, you also need to get better and pursue excellence in your field. Don’t simply fight fear in your life, fight average by mastering your craft first.

Read the rest of Cal’s insights here.

  • Madeliene Rose

    It’s easy to settle for mediocrity, it’s what most people do. Moreover, moving beyond mediocrity means people will not understand, they will most likely criticize and see you as a mere dreamer so I agree, mediocrity is a greater problem, although, you still need courage go beyond it…

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