Eye designed by irene hoffman from the Noun Project

Eye designed by irene hoffman from the Noun Project

Working too strenuously can lead to creative burnout, which leaves you feeling terrible and often costs motivation, time, and money. Knowing how to spot the signs of burnout can help to avoid it, but what do you do when you’ve already started to feel the symptoms? How do you pull yourself out of it? Creative Boom provides us with the stages of burnout recovery (emphasis added):

Recovery Stage One: Be pro-active
Burnout is often the result of issues in the workplace or problems with clients. In which case, be pro-active and make the necessary changes to improve the situation. You’ll feel much better if you actually do something about it, rather than allowing things to get worse.

Recovery Stage Two: Find support
Burnout can make you isolate yourself from the world. But instead of hiding under your duvet, turn to family and friends for support. Don’t be ashamed to admit that you’re suffering and share your problems with loved ones.

Recovery Stage Three: Reassess your life
Burnout can offer a silver lining by encouraging you to reassess your life in general. It can help you to reevaluate your goals, priorities, hopes and dreams. It can make you discover what does and doesn’t make you happy and help you take positive steps towards a better existence.

Burnout can often be debilitating for a short amount of time, but occasionally it can hinder your ability to do creative work indefinitely. Knowing the signs to lookout for (physically, emotionally, and behaviorally) can help avoid burnout. Knowing how to cope and recover can help you stay on the top of your creative game. Explore how to recognize, prevent, and recover from burn out on Creative Boom.

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