Innovation in technology affects every creative field. In Matthew Carter’s TED Talk ‘My Life in Typefaces’, he reflects on how technology has influenced his career as a typeface designer. He provides the following advice:

  • Keep learning: Take the time to study upcoming technology and understand the implications for your field. It is better to be ahead of the curve than left behind.
  • Experiment: Even if you do not fully understand the new technology, give yourself some technical exercises. Hands on learning is always more effective than theory alone.
  • Embrace new challenges: Explore what the new technology can do, what it can’t do. What are the constraints? What are the new capabilities
  • Find inspiration: Be influenced by technological innovations. Respond to it, explore it, see how you can make it your own.

Carter had to revise his career to accommodate new typefaces in photo, digital, desktop, screen, and web. Innovation in technology will continue to develop at an ever increasing rate. If you don’t learn to adapt, your job may become obsolete.

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