Child designed by Gemma Garner from the Noun Project

Child designed by Gemma Garner from the Noun Project

Whether you’re navigating a job offer, a potential raise, or landing a client, it pays to have the right negotiation skills. At Entrepreneur, Offir Gutelzon looks at children for five powerful insights on how to negotiate effectively:

2. Time your approach. Kids are masters at timing their approach — often waiting to ask for something when you are right in the middle of preparing dinner or trying to get their sibling ready for bed. Toddlers have it figured out. Assessing what your target has going on around them and timing your approach so that you’re more likely to receive a “yes” is smart whether you’re at home or in a business setting.

3. Leverage a credible advocate. My youngest son likes to enlist the support of his older brother when negotiating. Having lined up an ally, it’s clear he feels more empowered and confident when his brother is there to back him up. It’s often effective, too, assuming it’s a reasonable request.

When you find yourself in the middle of another negotiation, ask yourself what a child would do and follow-suit (as long as it’s not stomping your feet or crying, of course).

Get all five of the tips Gutelzon pulls from lessons taught by children right here.

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