Are you spending your time on the right things every day? We often misunderstand how we’re spending our time, which leads to lost productivity or overlooked routines. On The Daily Muse, Erin Greenawald presents a useful way of seeing just how you spend your time: draw it on a handy chart. Greenawald writes:

The first step in becoming more productive is understanding where your time is going now!

It’s simple—grab the [included] visual and then either print it out or open it up…using the paint tool (or your colored pencils), give each activity a unique color, and then color in each hour of the circle based on the activity you usually fill that time with.

 …You’ll quickly be able to see how you organize your day, the things you’re doing well, and the things you could probably improve upon.

I tried this exercise the other day, but instead of guessing how I spend my time I set a reminder on my phone to go off every hour. The alarm would go off and I’d write down how I spent the hour. At the end of my day I was able to see some spots where I clearly was spending time on things that don’t align with my higher objectives.

It’s also interesting to compare your chart to those of creative geniuses, something Greenawald highlights in her post.

Drawing out your day like this allows you to quickly see where your time is going and where you might have more free-time than you think. Be sure to download the chart and try tracking your own hours today.

  • http://www.madelienerose.com Madeliene Rose

    Where is the day dreaming colour code 😉 http://www.madelienerose.com

    • http://www.creativesomething.net/ tannerc

      Now _that_ is an idea!

  • Frank Degenaar

    Do you guys have a template that we could download/ copy? Would be nice to pop the image into an app like “Paper”, color it in then send it to Evernote. Maybe do this for a week to see visually where my time is going.

  • Stock Kevin

    It would be nice if I could color it on the computer versus having to print or draw it out.

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