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Designed by Ruben Sheep for The Noun Project

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  • Robin McCarron

    I have an idea that would help millions of families and reduce state aid. This idea does show my own personal example and info has been taken from which is public info. I also want to state that this post is not slanderous and does not meet the all four criterias to be defamation, so please pass this around post it were ever you can so single parent families have that little extra needed money that could make a difference in their lives

    My Idea, Crackdown on dead beat parents.
    I posted this on Facebook:

    .Ok all you show producers and networks…this is for you…Why can’t one of you come up with a reality show that will actually help people. You can call it Crackdown on Deadbeat Parents. Make it a traveling show that works with the states to get these guys. Personally, myself and the state of RI 55000.00 in back child support from
    Frank Corsi President at Virtual World City,

    He has had all these companies plus more over the past 22yrs and he can’t pay 50.00/wk for child support? It’s guys like this who should be tracked down and thrown in jail until they pay.

    And if someone did produce a show like this that would help the states get support for it’s children they wouldn’t be on so much state aid.

    Getting timely child support payments would really be nice. I’m sure there are a lot of custodial parents out there who would love to see a show like this!

    Now after I posted this on FB, he started writing my family members for me to stop. Why? because he’s scared. I rocked the world he lives in and what he cares most about, computers and money. He stands a good chance to make some money with his virtual worlds he’s developed and this could hurt that.

    But what happens when people like this who obviously can pay the child support he owes flees to another country? The government should impose a lien or something on all assets on people who owe child support. Maybe they should automatically impose a lien on peoples assets once they are ordered to pay child support, doing like that would help decrease the deadbeats because they won’t be able to access their money if they miss so many payments.

    Our children are our future, even the ones on state assistance, having even the basics is sometime hard when ends don’t meet. But getting child support steadily would help and there are far too many deadbeat parents out there who refuse to pay even when they have the money . Please help by posting this and getting it out. I hope a network will do a show like this and please if you do, I would like to be one of the first case. I’ve been waiting for 25 yrs for support for our son.

    I will most likely never see a dime from him, and thats ok. This idea may help those who need getting these deadbeats to support their children. I know a lot of young single parents and 8 out of 10 of them complain how they don’t get their child support. Thats only a hand full of people I know, how many do you know? This is a BIG problem and someone needs to do something, People like reality shows and this one would be a popular one I’m sure!

    Thank you

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