In an interview with Mental Floss, author John Green discusses the human desire to connect and collaborate and why it’s essential for creativity. Through online communities, individuals from around the world are connected more than ever. 

Green explains:

I would argue that curiosity is not the most important human trait—the urge to collaborate is. Only we have the ability to cooperate, to make online communities and space telescopes and imaginariums and movies, so the great thrill of this whole experience is seeing humanity do what I think it’s best at, which is not competing, it’s cooperating.

As a creative, we are all a little different from the mainstream, yet it is important to find a community where you will be accepted and supported. For example, Green’s fan base of “nerdfighters” partake in a mini social network called the Nerdfighter Ning where they can be free to be their nerdy selves. It is in these non-judgmental environments that we set ourselves up to complete our best work. As one of Green’s nerdfighters would tell you – “Don’t forget to be awesome.” 

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