Scale designed by Cyril S from the Noun Project

Scale designed by Cyril S from the Noun Project

What’s the best way to create a positive work-life balance while still maintaining your sanity (and job)? On TIME, Eric Barker dives into how to find your work-life balance by in five steps:

You have to draw a line. You must decide what is important and what isn’t…So how do you determine the most important thing for you to do right now?…

2) What gets you disproportionate results?

Face it: often you start by doing whatever happens to be in front of you. But proximity does not equal priority.

In his book The ONE Thing, Gary Keller applies the “Pareto principle” to the workday: Most of us get 80% of results from 20% of the work we do. So focus on that 20%.

What really creates progress vs treading water? What gives disproportionate results? Do that first and most frequently.

3) What’s the thing only *you* can do well?

If someone else can do the laundry at home, let them do it. If someone else can do the filing at work, let them do it.

But if you’re the parent, you need to be at the parent-teacher conference and if you’re the sales lead you need to be at the sales meeting.

These days it’s normal to want to do everything, but the reality is that we simply don’t have the time or energy for it all. Barker’s questions make prioritizing what really matters almost completely effortless. Explore all five steps (and a few tips on how to maneuver around them) on the TIME website.

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