Electric Shirt designed by Philip Glenn from the Noun Project

Electric Shirt designed by Philip Glenn from the Noun Project

You’ve made the decision to take some time to unplug from your devices and all of your online social networks. Now you’ve got to stick to it. PBS MediaShift has some ideas about how to disconnect with ease:

  • First, get yourself a traditional alarm clock. If you rely on your phone, the first thing you do in the morning is grab that phone. It takes a lot of control not to then check email or shoot off a text.
  • Gather family or friends over a meal and bring up the topic of unplugging. Ask what they think about it. Discuss the merits. Discuss the downfalls.
  • Set achievable goals for yourself. First try unplugging for an hour after you get home from work. Work your way up from there.
  • Put the phone out of sight. Designate a basket or place or cupboard where devices are stashed during unplugged time.
  • Make a plan for what you will do when you do unplug. You will feel anxious and reach for your missing phone. It helps to have something fun to do.

Read the rest from PBS MediaShift here

  • RBSpatzDesign

    Great ideas!
    Interesting idea about getting a traditional alarm clock- problem is, where do you get a decent one? We’ve searched and searched for one, at hardware stores (which once sold many different ones), on Amazon.com, L. L. Bean, etc. Most of them are cheap plastic ones. At the hardware store we were told that everyone wakes up to cell phones, so very few companies make alarm clocks. Amazon had one from Germany, made from metal parts, for around $70. Going by the reviews, it was poorly made, and stopped working after a month or two. I love the idea of the alarm clock, but just make sure that waking up on time isn’t crucial, because the clock may not be very reliable!

    • Jason R Rosser

      go vintage! maybe the Westclox Moonbeam isn’t your taste but you’ll find something that fits your taste on ebay.

  • http://www.madelienerose.com Madeliene Rose

    The fear of the ‘horror vacui’ has nowadays been even more repressed with so many distractions at hand but what those who are in dire need to unplug need to understand is that life really is so much sweeter when you stop and rely just on your senses and what is going on in your head rather then what everyone else in the world is doing. Stop being merely hoarders of information… http://www.madelienerose.com

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