Equalizer designed by Paul Kolling from the Noun Project

Equalizer designed by Paul Kolling from the Noun Project

Multitasking should help you be more productive, not less. To achieve the former, Wise Bread encourages using a technique where you layer tasks by the amount of attention required – matching low-level tasks like straightening your desk with higher-level tasks such as talking on a conference call.

Here are tips to get started: 

1. Make a List – Prioritize the most important tasks on your list that need to be accomplished.

2. Look for Layered Tasks to Pair – Find an activity that can be paired with a higher level item on your list. For example, if you need to contact a business, and you know you’ll be on hold for 20 minutes, use that hold time to address a few emails. 

3. Turn Off Other Distractions – That means you need to put your phone on silent. Exit out of Twitter, Facebook, and email. 

4. Set a Timer – When you are working on tasks, set a timer to check your progress. Check where you are when it goes off. Are you distracted? Using a timer will keep you focused on your tasks and keep your productivity level high.

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    I love to put the task that I don’t want to do at the END of my list. That way I can use all the other tasks as a sort of procrastination-excuse to avoid the task I dont want to do. That means that everything else gets done, apart from the thing I hate….. and why do the thing you hate?

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