As technology, software, and the impact each has on the world continues to evolve at a rapid pace, how can anyone stay ahead of the curve? The Build Network looked to a 1986 Harvard study for an answer to that question and found that to be a better leader you need to learn how to learn:

It’s all about with whom — rather than how — you learn. In 1986, Harvard’s then-president, Derek Bok, wanted to know if there was a way to predict whether a particular student would succeed or fail in college. What was different about kids who kicked ass as undergrads? The subsequent large-scale study revealed the single best predictor of college success — which turned out to have nothing to do with any metric we associate with collegiate achievement, then or now.

It wasn’t GPA or SAT scores or a number of any kind. It was a student’s ability to either create or join a study group.

To be a better leader, then, you should look join or start a study group. Whether it’s a on-the-job training group with peers, or an at-home team or club with a local community, Bok’s research shows us just how important groups built for learning are for leadership development.

Read the full, brief write-up over on The Build Network.

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    Ser digno para permanecer.

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    Love this insight… there’s no such thing as having “arrived” or “having it all figured out.”

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