Ambient noise has been proven to help make you more productive, but getting that perfect level of not-too-loud and not-too-silent can be tricky. Coffee shops are usually recommended for their middle ground of noise and present but not distracting company, but finding that can be difficult if you don’t have the ability to work at a coffee shop every day. Coffitivity is our favorite tool for finding that sweet spot between calming background noise and commotion, and can be used on your computer, Android, iPad, or iPhone.

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  • Sarah Peterson

    Love Coffitivity! I use it on a regular basis, especially when I can’t physically get to a coffee shop.

  • Kyle

    When I saw the tweet this morning I thought for sure this was an April Fools joke. Turns out, this is legitimate! I plan on giving it a shot.

  • chuckbluz

    Damn, that’s annoying. I just checked out the sample sounds on the website. Voices, clinking glasses…it’s too much. Now a squeaky sliding chair sound. I feel like screaming “SHUT UP”. And someone just dropped a tray. Sorry, I won’t be buying this app. I prefer nondescript background sounds. Most of all I would like privacy.. I find I am most creative when I can talk to myself. I need to physically hear the ideas in order to formulate them in my mind. My best work is done in the shower every morning 🙂


    This makes me feel hungry, distracted, annoyed and mired in the first world. I’ll stick to my Bill Laswell Pandora channel.

  • Lynise Carr

    I frequently have to hear redundant, unimportant, mundane sounds in order to fully concentrate when I’m writing a paper or trying to focus. I find this app helpful. My other favorite is “spacesfm”. It’s great!

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