Plus Minus designed by Travis Yunis from the Noun Project

Plus Minus designed by Travis Yunis from the Noun Project

On his blog, illustrator and writer Frank Chimero explores the notion of “Appropriatism,” the concept of adding and removing just the right amount of things from your work environment in order to dramatically improve your efficiency and creativity. It’s not minimizing and it’s not maximizing, it’s somewhere in-between. Frank shares the five ideals of Appropriatism and how they help create a worthwhile working environment:

The core precept of all of it is this: “Add things until it starts sucking, take things away until it stops getting better.” That applies to this list: Fit is paramount. Access trumps ownership. Matter mattersTend toward beauty in looks and elegance in use. Optimize for steadfastness.

…Ultimately, all of this involves thinking hard about the requirements of the situation and assessing what needs are likely to change and which are not. Optimize for steadfastness, embrace the ephemeral quality of hot-swappable items when it makes sense, and think about how it all connects.

In his post, Chimero explains exactly how surrounding yourself with objects that are not only beautiful, but also elegant (and effective), can make a world of a difference in how your work turns out. He explains what you should look for in objects and tools before you buy or begin using them.

Get all five essential tips for improving your working environment, beginning today, right here.

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