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Photo taken by Sean Blanda, Managing Editor of 99U

The famous Voodoo Doughnut has a cult following and can boast expansion past the US and into Japan (and even Tanzania). According to Copyblogger, there’s three things they do that set them apart:

1. They’re memorable.

Voodoo’s signature doughnut is shaped like a voodoo doll with a little pretzel-stick stake through its heart. They have a number of doughnuts on the menu that you can’t order without cursing. . .But if you go to Voodoo once, you want to talk about it. It makes for a great story that their customers love to tell.

2. They don’t worry about the haters.

If you’re still fretting over unsubscribes or nervous because a commenter was offended by the word “mofo” in your bio, let Voodoo be your inspiration. Part of being memorable is knowing who you don’t serve. It’s not (necessarily) about being as offensive as your imagination can inspire. It’s about writing off the people who aren’t right for you and never will be. If you’re in an overcrowded market and are having trouble standing out, think about what you can offer that would be genuinely memorable, yes. Maybe there are some untried intersections in your topic — some fresh ways you can remix the tried and true. But also remember: the answer to that question may lie in who you chase away.

 Read the last reason, and the rest of the article, over at Copyblogger.

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