Want to meet the real movers and shakers in your industry? Spend your weekends making something. Need/Want co-founder Marshall Haas explains why making stuff is really the way to meet great people:

When you execute on ideas, you are forever associated with a tangible thing. People remember tangibles, not ideas.

Looking back and connecting the dots, I’ve realized that any big career advancements or opportunities that came my way were always linked to something I made, or built. And so, the single best way I’ve found to meet interesting people is to make things, and then share them with the world. You’ll be surprised with who you meet along the way.

As a result of launching a project he had the idea for over one weekend, Haas was able to get a job and start a business with $57,000 through crowd funding. See how Haas did it — and why you should consider doing something similar too — by reading his full story right here.

Plus, if you want some inspiration for your next weekend project and you want to mingle with creative experts at the same time, be sure to learn more about the 99u Conference.

  • http://will2power.com/ Martin Jul Hammer

    So true.

    If I say I can do something, people have forgotten me two seconds later.

    If I show them a website I worked for, and the google analytics for the traffic, they both remember me and are impressed.

    Now I need to write something people will find interesting. Like this article above 😉

  • http://www.punchkickinteractive.com Kevin Hsia

    Absolutely agree – it’s one thing to talk the talk, but you got to walk it too.

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