Designed by Juan Pablo Bravo for the Noun Project

Designed by Juan Pablo Bravo for the Noun Project

Though the advice “just do what you love” sounds great, it can also come across as unrealistic. Not all of us have the luxury of not worrying about steady income, supporting others, or health, after all. Leo Babuta of Zen Habit can commiserate, and lists the three conundrums you must ask yourself first before making the leap. Here’s one of our favorites:

Will earning money for what you love make you stop loving it? When you do what you love for a living (let’s say, writing or helping people), don’t show up every day for the money. That’s a lousy motivation, and eventually it’ll become drudgery, because money isn’t something you can really love. Instead, show up every day for a better reason. I show up every day and put in my hours because I hope what I do will help people, and I love helping people. It never gets tiring, never becomes drudgery.

American culture obsesses over the idea of finding our “on true passion” in life; just make sure it’s a passion that fits your life too.

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