Amtrak has started offering writer residencies after seeing a few writers tweeting about how they wished it offered such a thing. 

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But what’s so great about creating on a train anyways? Jessica Gross, after finishing her cross-country train ride, explained in The Paris Review:

I’ve always been a claustrophile, and I think that explains some of the appeal—the train is bounded, compartmentalized, and cozily small, like a carrel in a college library. Everything has its place. The towel goes on the ledge beneath the mirror; the sink goes into its hole in the wall; during the day, the bed, which slides down from overhead, slides up into a high pocket of space. There is comfort in the certainty of these arrangements. The journey is bounded, too: I know when it will end. Train time is found time. My main job is to be transported; any reading or writing is extracurricular. The looming pressure of expectation dissolves. And the movement of a train conjures the ultimate sense of protection—being a baby, rocked in a bassinet.

We think you should reach out to them as well! This kind of structured, quiet, and unfamiliar, working space would work well for any creative.

Read about the rest of Gross’s ride here, and the story on how such a residency came to be, here.

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