If your wrists get really sore, you don’t need a new keyboard or mouse, you need to learn proper wrist posture. Too many people who work on computers all day end up with tendonitis, carpal tunnel, or nerve issues because they don’t realize the weird angle their hands fall into for hours at a time.

Photo from Vivienne Fleischer

Photo from Vivienne Fleischer

A seemingly innocent twisting of your wrists to either the right (ulnar deviation) or to the left (radial deviation). Maybe you are simply moving your cursor around from left to right or hitting one of the many outlier keys like enter, backspace, delete or tab.  Maybe you plant your wrists on a wrist rest or mouse rest and the only way to move your mouse or reach outlier keys is to twist at the wrist.

The fix might be awkward for a day or two, but you’ll notice the absence of pain immediately.

Photo from Vivienne Fleischer

Photo from Vivienne Fleischer

Get off your wrist rest, lie your mouse on something flat like a mouse pad and move your whole hand and arm together, relax the grip on your mouse and voila, you’ll be on your way to being pain free and avoid future troubles.

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  • Christopher Randall

    You’re still doing it wrong.

    This is how you’re supposed to do it, with an Anker® Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse


    • Sasha

      Do you use this mouse every day? What are your thoughts on it?

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