Designed by Saman Bemel-Benrud for the Noun Project

Designed by Saman Bemel-Benrud for the Noun Project

Over on Fast Company, Jane Porter breaks down five types of creative roadblocks that make us feel stuck and keep us from doing meaningful work. Thankfully she also offers a number of methods from her own life on how to beat them:

1. Your self-critic won’t shut up. Every time you sit down to work, that little voice pipes up and starts shooting down one idea after the next. Give yourself permission to write or sketch for half an hour without pausing. A writer friend of mine jots down all the nasty self-critical thoughts he has in all caps right in the body of whatever he’s working on, then gets back to the writing, not letting those thoughts stop him from moving forward.

2. Your work habits need revamping. Often when our days unfold willy-nilly, it’s hard to feel in control and as a result, creativity can get blocked. Identify the work habits you’re forming that might be sabotaging you creatively. Maybe you’re checking email constantly, not making time for exercise or working around the clock. Build some structure and routine into your day.

If you’re feeling creatively stuck, odds are that you fall into one of the five categories Porter covers in her article. Head on over to Fast Company to explore all five roadblocks and how to beat them.

  • JustSayinMang

    My five: Cannabis, Psilocybin, Caffeine, Exercise, Meditation

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