In this month’s issue of Inc, Ryan Underwood looks to three innovative startups and how they spark idea generation:

Improv Classes

Method, a San Francisco-based maker of cleaning products, offers employees training in improv acting to give them an understanding of how small performance details such as stance, breath, or mindset can help improve creative thinking. Method also attempts to shift employees’ perspectives by requiring everyone in the company to serve as the office receptionist for a day…to keep people “weird, creative, and humble.”

Brain Breaks

The New Jersey-based startup Caktus…set(s) aside 24 hours to let their brains run wild. They’ll start brainstorming over a drink (or a few) on Thursday afternoon and give themselves until Friday evening to come up with a dirty prototype–or a really good blueprint.


At Animoto, a New York City-based startup…money is on the line in a quarterly hackathon, meant to spark new ideas…Cash prizes of $500 are given to the winning teams in three areas: most technically challenging, most useful, and people’s choice.

Ryan also points to the startup Quirky for even more insights into how to spark ideas in your own work place. Read the piece referenced above here.

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